7 Reasons why you should come to Ayaansh Hospital

Ayaansh Hospital is one of the Best Hospital for Gynae Cancer Treatment in Bangalore & we provide the best services for all cancer patients. Our Oncologist or cancer specialist ensures to offer an integrated treatment and care approach to the patients by diagnosing the cancer. We personalized & effective treatment plan can be created for the patients.

These gynecological cancers affect a woman’s reproductive system. We provide comprehensive care and advanced treatment for women diagnosed with Gynecological Cancer in Bangalore. That’s why people come to Ayaansh Hospital. There are several reasons people come to Ayaansh Hospital such as

7 Reasons why you should come to Ayaansh Hospital

1) World-class Facilities:

Check out the Best Gynae Cancer Hospital in Bangalore with world-class facilities to ensure you are completely cured of the life-threatening disease. Our hospital has world-class facilities & its faculty members are recognized internationally for their expertise in cancer treatment and research. We have well-equipped with world-class technologies & the department matches the highest global standards of health care.

2) The Expertise of the Doctor:

We have one of the Best Oncologist & Gynae Cancer Specialist in Bangalore having over 18+ years of experience in the field. Dr. P Sreenivasa Rao is the expert of the gynae cancer treatments & also includes Urogynecology, Laparoscopy & Robotic Surgeries. He dedicated a high level of compassion and giving the best treatment for patients to get a new lease on life.

3) High Success Rate:

We provide a high success rate for all types of Gynecological Cancer Treatment in Bangalore at Ayaansh Hospital. The Success Rate depends on the type of cancer, patient age, the expertise of the specialist, etc.

4) Affordable Cost:

At Ayaansh Hospital, we offer affordable Cost of Gynae Cancer Treatment by the highly experienced specialist Dr. P Sreenivasa Rao. The Cost varies from several factors such as

  • Hospital to Hospital
  • Expertise of the Oncologist
  • Type of Cancer
  • Hospital charges
  • Doctors fee

5) Using High-quality Technologies:

We providing high-quality technologies along with state of the art equipment & imaging. We committed to delivering the best possible cancer care and treatment management in a state of the art facility while creating a compassionate environment for our patients.

6) Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is an important quality outcome to measure in the delivery of health care in the hospital. Patients attending our facilities were largely satisfied with the overall level of care received.

7) Consultation

Dr. P Sreenivasa Rao offers a wide range of services aimed at supporting you and your family through diagnosis and treatment. He provides a Consultation for all types of Gynae Cancer Treatments in Bangalore.

Contact us to know more about the hospital & it’s treatment by the Oncologist in Bangalore. Book a Consultation Now.

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