Does Ayaansh Hospital is Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The novel corona virus has impacted all areas of life and, unfortunately, being infertile is no exception. Along with everything else expectant moms have to navigate, trying for IVF during a global pandemic also means having to think about keeping yourself and your baby as protected as possible from COVID-19.

If you’re due to give birth soon, you may be wondering: Is it safe to deliver in a hospital if there’s an active outbreak of COVID-19 in your area? Here’s everything infertile couple need to know, plus how to be prepared in case things don’t go 100 percent according to plan.

Should Infertile Patients be Concerned about Visiting Ayaansh Hospital Right Now?

Yes, Even with severe cases of COVID-19, people are visiting Ayaansh hospital, because most hospitals have protocols in place to help identify people with COVID-like symptoms and quarantine them from everyone else, says Dr. Haritha Rao (Infertility Specialist).

Because of that, Dr. Haritha Rao says you should be just fine to continue your plans for a hospital visit. “I would not be concerned,” she says.

Still, the Government and Healthcare Experts says it’s important for you to do your best to keep yourself safe, too. That includes wearing a mask, following good hand hygiene and wiping down surfaces you’ll come into contact with (like hospital bed railings).

Many hospitals ask Infertile patients to check in in the emergency room, so it’s also a good idea to do your best to steer clear of people who are coughing and sneezing while you wait for a room. (However, many hospitals are treating those patients quickly, making it unlikely you’ll be in a waiting room with people displaying COVID-like symptoms.)

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