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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is established to provide care for newborn babies that are either sick and/ or born much earlier than their due date (before 37 weeks) and require medical/surgical support. Neonatology is the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment and care of newborn babies. The word “neonatal” means newborn or less than 28 days of age. Doctors looking after neonates are called Neonatologists. We at Ayaansh Hospital understand the care and support newborns need, and have an expert medical team providing each kid with focused and tailored medical treatment.

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    When Services offered at an NICU ?

    With our fully equipped Neonatal ICU, and the experienced staff,  we at Ayaansh Hospital provide one-to-one care to our patients. Some of the conditions under neonatology that are treated, among many, at the NICU at Ayaansh Hospital are : 

    What are the treatment provided at the best NICU in Bangalore

    The medical team at Ayaansh Hospital guide parents with the best treatment for the newborns giving them quality care from the expert medical professionals. The following are the treatments provided at the NICU : 

    Family -centered care in the NICU at Ayaansh Hospital

    The NICU in Ayaansh Hospital Bangalore recognizes the importance of family-centered care in supporting the health and development of newborn babies. Family-centered care involves providing care that is centered on the needs of the family, including emotional support, education, and involvement in care decisions.

    At the best neonatal intensive care unit at Ayaansh Hospital Bangalore a range of services are provided to support families, including:

    Center for best NICU in Bangalore at Ayaansh Hospital

    We at Ayaansh Hospital provide the best medical care that Neonatal ICU provides, and with the experienced staff, your baby gets the best treatment. The neonatologists at Ayaansh Hospital provide the following procedures : 

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    Common Queries from our patients

    At Ayaansh we carefully curate the best medical plan and treatment for your specific condition, and always make sure to answer any questions or concerns you have. Given below are some common questions about our hospital’s services, procedures, and patient care, which might be of help to you with your concerns.

    NICUs are equipped with advanced medical technology such as incubators, ventilators, monitors, and skilled medical staff specialized in neonatal care to provide comprehensive treatment, monitoring, and support tailored to the unique needs of premature and critically ill infants.
    Families with babies in the NICU have access to support services like counseling, educational resources, social workers, support groups, and parent-to-parent networks, aiding emotional well-being, information sharing, and coping strategies during their neonatal journey
    The transition of a baby from the NICU to home care involves medical assessments, caregiver/parent training, personalized care plans, follow-up appointments, and coordination between NICU staff and pediatricians, ensuring a smooth shift from intensive medical support to family-centered home care.
    Babies are very vulnerable to infection. Hence only parents are allowed inside the NICU. Visit from other relatives is restricted to minimize the risk of spreading infection.

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