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Ayaansh Hospital is one of the Best IVF centre in Bangalore, providing world-class fertility treatments. At Ayaansh Hospital & IVF Centre, we specialize in low drug infertility solutions that help women conceive with minimal invasiveness and a high success rate. We offer balanced and holistic approaches to IVF Treatment in Bangalore, including other fertility treatments like Intrauterine insemination ( IUI ), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) & Male Infertility Treatments.

We also offer Gynec Oncology, Gynec Endoscopy, Urogynecology & Andrology Treatment in Bangalore. Book a Consultation Now with one of the Best Women's & cervical Cancer Specialist in Bangalore.

Why Ayaansh Hospital?

  • One Stop Comprehensive Solution For Women Of All Age.
  • Most Affordable IVF Treatment at Highest Success Rate.
  • Delivering Quality In Women´S Hospital.
  • State Of The Art Equipment & Imaging.
  • Minimally Invasive Treatments.
  • Multidisciplinary Focus.
  • Innovative holistic Approach.
  • International Trained Experts.
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Infertility Treatment Can Be Physically Uncomfortable, Time-Consuming, Exhausting, And Costly - All Without A Guarantee Of Success. But Being one of the Best IVF Centre in Bangalore we provide the High success rate IVF Treatment at most affordable cost.



It Is The Medical Specialty That Deals With Male Reproductive Health, Particularly Relating To The Problems Of The Male Reproductive System And Urological Problems That Are Unique To Men.

Gynec Oncology

Gynec Oncology

Gynec Oncology (Gynae Cancer) Is A Specialized Field Of Medicine That Focuses On Cancers Of The Female Reproductive System, Including Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Cervical Cancer, And Vulvar Cancer. As Specialists, They Have Extensive Training In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of These Cancers.

Gynec Endoscopy

Gynec Endoscopy

Our Team Of Minimal Access Gynecology Surgery Is Highly Trained And Committed In Performing Complex Gynaecological Procedures Laparoscopically.

Uro Gynecology

Uro Gynecology

Urogynecology Clinic Has A Multidisciplinary Approach Which Offers You A Joint Consultation With Urologist & Gynaecologist, Who Would Evaluate The Condition And Offer The Most Beneficial Treatment For You.

  • Author image

    An Absolutely Fantastic Service. Their Only Motto Is Patient Care. The Core Fertility Specialist Dr. Haritha Rao Is Absolutely Competent Very Professional And Extremely Compassionate. The Counsellor Dr. Nishath Was Very Patient And Has Counselled Us Well And Explained Everything So Nicely. I Would Definitely Recommend This Facility For Ivf Procedures. The Cost Of The Procedure Was So Very Reasonable Especially Their Double Your Chance DYC Plus Package. We Are Very Happy. We Are Expecting Our Bundle Of Joy.

    • Nasreen M
  • Vagisha Nisha
    a month ago

    Consulted Dr. P Sreenivasa Rao (Obstetrician) for Pregnancy Check Up

    I recommend the doctor

    Happy with: Doctor friendliness & Treatment satisfaction

    Dr Rao, is a very qualified doc to understand your concern and give you best treatment also he will listen to you with patience and advise the best.I found him very approachable and some one who doesn't exaggerate the issue.

  • Veena SM

    Consulted Dr. Haritha Rao (Gynecologist) for Pregnancy with PCOD

    I recommend the doctor

    Happy with: Doctor friendliness & Explanation of the health issue

    It was my fortune that I got to know her here. It was a wonderful experience in having met her and knowing that she is going to help me through this. She explained the issue and what happened because of it and how to overcome it. She filled me with so much confidence and I hope it reap results.

  • Manasa
    7 months ago

    Consulted Dr. P Sreenivasa Rao (Obstetrician) for Gynae Problemsmenopause adviceUterine Bleeding

    I recommend the doctor

    It was an excellent experience.*************** *** ** ** ********* **************kudos to his expertise in his field of knowledge , the quality time he spends in counselling the patients regarding the problem and the efficiency with which the treatment is provided.The comfort level provided by the entire team including the hospital staff and the ambiance of th hospital was truly a healing experience by itself.

  • Author image

    It was an excellent experience.*************** *** ** ** ********* **************kudos to his expertise in his field of knowledge , the quality time he spends in counselling the patients regarding the problem and the efficiency with which the treatment is provided.The comfort level provided by the entire team including the hospital staff and the ambiance of th hospital was truly a healing experience by itself.

    • Manasa
  • Author image

    Dr. Sreenivasa Rao is one of the Best Gynecologist and Women's Cancer Specialist in Bangalore to offer the Low Cost Gynae Cancer Treatment in Bangalore. Ayaansh Hospital is the Best Women's & Gyne Cancer Hospital to offer the affordable services in Bangalore.

    • Lakshmi reddy
  • Author image

    My Wife Was In Depression, As We Had Been Trying For A Baby Since 5 Years Now. All Our Prayers And Medical Treatment Were Failing Us. Luckily My Friend Suggested, We Should Go For Ivf. He Also Mentioned About Super DYC Program Of Ayaansh IVF Centre. He Had Seen On Facebook. As Sson As, I Had Taken Appointment With Ayaansh Ivf, I Knew I Had Made The Right Decision. Dr Haritha Rao Made My Wife Believe That She Can Conceive Baby Through Ivf Despite Her Pcos. She Is Amazing And She Made My Wife Hopeful And Happy Again! It Was A Best Moment To See My Wife's Light Up With Joy! After So Many Years I Had Seen That Happy! I Had Made Decision To Go Ahead For Treatment There Itself And Since 4 Weeks, We Are Regularly Showing Up For Scans And Procedures. The Quality Of Treatment Is Beyond My Expectation At The Price Of 1.20 Lacs We Got 2 Cycles Of Ivf. Everything From My First Consultation Up Until Now Is Running Smoothly And All My Questions Are Always Answered By The Staff. Honestly, I Am Anxious But Excited Too! Hope My Wife Does Not Have To Go Through Second Procedure And Gets Her Wish Fulfilled In First Cycle Itself! Cheers!

    • J K Naidu
  • Author image

    Dr. Haritha & The Current Staffs Are Miracle Makers. They Are God's Way Of Guiding You To Motherhood. Dr. Haritha Is Very Supportive And Patient Providing Guidance In Every Stage Of The Treatment And Even Beyo単d. Every Staff The Junior Doctor Nishaad, Nurses- Sussama, Geetha, Receptionist- Stella, Billing- Ravi, Housekeeping Noorjahan Are Very Understanding.most Economical And World Class Treatment Center. Highly Recommended.

    • Manisha Patil
  • Author image

    This Is Manjula, I Underwent 2 IVF Cycles At Some Reputed Centers After That I Visited Ayaansh IVF Indira Nagar. They Had A Very Interesting Pricing Policy. We Wanted To Try With Them. Since I Had Very Severe PCO Problem I Was Hesitant To Try One More Attempt. But The Doctor Convinced Me To Try Once More With A Positive Thought We Wanted To Give A Last Try, We Had Success. I Am Very Much Thankful To All The Staff And Doctor For Supporting Us.

    • Manjula Vernekar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Being one of the top IVF Center/Hospital in Bangalore we also provide the Infertility Treatment by the Best Lady Fertility Doctor in Bangalore.

Yes, Our Hospital is known as the Best Women’s Cancer Hospital in Bangalore & we have the Highly experienced cancer specialists in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Yes, Laparoscopy is a major surgery but the recovery is much faster and the cosmetic small incisions make it less painful.

The early stage of cervical cancer is painless and without showing any symptoms. As the disease progresses, though, you can experience irregularities in vaginal bleeding. Most of the cervical cancers are diagnosed through pelvic exams and Pap smears. If cancer is diagnosed, you might have additional tests.

The common gynae oncology cancer includes cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer. Every year thousands of deaths in India. Women should be aware of gynecologic cancer signs and symptoms.

The Urogynecologist treats a variety of diseases, Some of them are as follows:-

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Urinary Incontinence

Yes, Smoking can affect male infertility. It impacts sperm in several ways. It decreases the size and quality of the sperm and damages their DNA content. Smoking also can impact the seminal fluid, ejaculated with the sperm.

There are several causes of male infertility may include:- Quality of Sperm, Quantity of Sperm, Testicular damage, Ejaculation disorders, lifestyle choices, etc.

Infertility couples are generally advised to seek medical help if they are unable to achieve pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse.

If the cancer is diagnosed reasonably early, most of the cases are usually treated by surgery. If cancer has spread outside the cervix, it will require radiation therapy. These days, radiation is given with weekly chemotherapy.

If you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer or if you have an undiagnosed pelvic mass, consider seeing a gynecologic oncologist. Gynecologic oncologists are trained and experienced in treating cancers of the female reproductive system. They typically perform the surgical aspects of ovarian cancer treatment, as well as managing chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other treatments involved.

Cancer doesn’t require the removal of one or both of your ovaries, your treatment may damage the ovaries, which produce the eggs needed for reproduction. If you are of childbearing age and want to protect your ability to get pregnant, ask your gynecological oncologist for advice on fertility preservation options like ovarian cortex cryopreservation, which involves freezing the ovarian tissue before treatment.