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Oncology in Bangalore

The branch of medicine that researches, identifies and treats cancer. With the best Oncologists in Bangalore, at Ayaansh Hospital you’ll get the best treatment and care. Oncologists help in diagnosis of the cancer, help in staging the cancer and grading the aggressive nature of the cancer. The surgical oncology treatment team may also include a pathologist, a diagnostic radiologist or an oncology nurse.

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    How Often to Visit an Oncologist?

    Your visit to an oncologist is dependent on different factors, including the type and stage of cancer, along with the treatment plan you have been provided with, and your specific needs as a patient. Mainly, oncology visits are scheduled based on the specific treatment phase and the overall health of the patient.

    Common Symptoms before Consulting Oncologist

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    Treatments managed by oncologists are the following :

    We at Ayaansh Hospital aim to provide you with the best medical care and treatment. Common symptoms that one can experience are : 

    Common Procedures in performed by Oncologists

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    Common Queries from our patients

    At Ayaansh we carefully curate the best medical plan and treatment for your specific condition, and always make sure to answer any questions or concerns you have. Given below are some common questions about our hospital’s services, procedures, and patient care, which might be of help to you with your concerns.

    Yes, oncologists can treat lung cancer. Oncologists can treat lung cancer through medications, surgery, and radiation and/or chemotherapy.
    Oncologists are of three types - medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and surgical oncologists.
    Depending on the type of blood cancer, Oncologists can give you the proper treatment course and help cure blood cancer. One should follow all the instructions provided by an Oncologist.
    Oncologists are doctors who diagnose and treat any type of cancer through medications, surgery, and radiation. Radiologists are doctors who diagnose and treat patient’s medical conditions using medical procedures like X-ray, MRI-scan, CT- scan, ultrasound, and medical imaging [radiology], etc. However, Radiation Oncologists can perform radiation treatment to treat cancer.

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