What is IUI Process?

What is IUI Process and Why is it Needed?

An IUI process is a kind of artificial insemination in which sperm is injected directly into your uterine cavity during ovulation is near. This procedure can be performed either with your partner’s sperm or with sperm from a donor.

Who needs IUI Process?

  • Women who may not ovulate, like PCOS, or hypothalamic patients
  • Women with unexplained infertility
  • Male partners with semen abnormalities or ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Male partners who have frozen sperm obtained before surgery, travel, or treatment for diseases
  • Anyone who needs donor sperm, heterosexual couples struggling with the malefactor, or single women looking to conceive

Intrauterine insemination is the first-line treatment for unexplained infertility, endometriosis, or male factor infertility.


What is IUI treatment?


What is the IUI Procedure? 

During the procedure, the male partner will be asked to provide a semen sample about an hour before being scheduled for insemination by masturbating into a sterile container.

The semen is “washed” to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid before the sperm is injected into the uterus. Because the seminal fluid contains substances that irritate the uterus, sperm washing may also improve its ability to fertilize the egg.

The insemination takes only a few minutes. A fertility specialist will place a speculum inside your vagina, insert a small catheter through the cervix to the uterine cavity, and inject the sperm into the uterus through the catheter. During this procedure, the patient will most likely not feel any discomfort.

What is the Difference Between IVF and IUI Process? 

The biggest difference is that the sperm is not injected into the egg during intrauterine insemination to achieve fertilization. Fertilization is still meant to happen naturally. Doctors help to place the sperm a little closer to the egg through this process.


What is the IUI treatment process?


How to Prepare for an IUI Cycle? 

Before the IUI procedure, you’ll need to do some testing to ensure this is the right decision.

The same test women preparing for IVF will go through will help your doctor better understand their fertility needs. You’ll have blood tests to know whether you’re a carrier for any particular disease.

The sperm you’ll use will undergo analysis. You’ll also have a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) taken to ensure that your fallopian tubes permit sperm to pass. If that all looks good, you’ll be scheduled for an Intrauterine insemination.

The best time for an IUI process is during ovulation. If you are not ovulating regularly, your doctor may prescribe medication to induce ovulation. Check with your doctor at Ayaansh hospital, the best IUI center in Bangalore, if any other recommendations are specific to your care.

Women who undergo intrauterine insemination usually have to have their ovaries stimulated to mature eggs and take a trigger shot to release one egg. Then, the sperm being used must be prepared, and the insemination can occur only afterward.

The stimulation process can take about ten days. Women who choose not to have stimulation before IUI follow their natural cycle, take an injection to induce ovulation and have the process done later.


IUI treatment cost


How can an IUI cycle help to improve the chances of getting pregnant?

Since the sperm is placed directly inside a woman’s uterus, they are closer to the area of fertilization. IUI bypasses many problems in the vagina or cervix, like incompatibility between sperm and cervical mucus. It improves the delivery of sperm to the egg, especially when the sperm count is low.

If a woman does not become pregnant after an IUI cycle, they may have to repeat the procedure. Further evaluation or other treatment options, such as IVF.

Intrauterine insemination Process is the Best Way to Preserve Your Fertility and Maximize Your Chances of Pregnancy. We Believe in Complete Transparency and Affordable Fertility Treatment Options. Contact Ayaansh hospital, the best IUI center in Bangalore.

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