Uterine Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Uterine Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Uterine cancer happens in the uterus, and can be of two types. One being endometrial cancer, and the other uterine sarcoma. Endometrial cancer happens in the endometrium, which is the inner lining of the uterus, and it affects the whole reproductive system. When the cancer is present in the myometrium is known as uterine sarcoma. The treatment is done by experts and specialists, by the removal of the uterus through the process of a hysterectomy.

Ayaansh Hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop comprehensive solution for all types of gynecological cancers. It is well maintained and is the first choice for uterine cancer treatment hospital & at affordable cost by highly qualified specialists in Bangalore.


Uterine Cancer Treatment


Uterine cancer signs and symptoms

Unusual vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom, particularly any bleeding after menopause. Other common symptoms may include:

  • heavier than usual periods or a change in your periods
  • vaginal bleeding between periods
  • periods that continue without a break.

Less common signs and symptoms include:

  • a watery discharge, which may have an unpleasant smell
  • unexplained weight loss
  • difficulty urinating or a change in bowel habit
  • abdominal pain

While these symptoms may be caused by other reasons, check with your GP if you are concerned

Patient-centered Approach for Treatment

With high-quality treatment and cost-effective medical services, Ayaansh Hospital has world-class healthcare facilities across Bangalore. Established in the year 2015, our commitment to providing the best care to its patients, stands tall. With a track record of treating patients successfully, the center is a benchmark when it comes to providing exceptional amenities. Our aim is to help you battle cancer with quality care and treatment.

We have one of the Best Oncology Surgeon in Bangalore provide both consultive & surgical care. Our centers, especially our Gynecological Oncology department employs specialized staff for the effective delivery of personalized care for each of our patients. This is how we a Ayaansh Hospital  provide a high-quality specialized service to all aged women with Gynae oncology problems by utilizing our state of the art technology and patient-centered multidisciplinary approach.

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