Screening Test for Cervical Cancer

Screening is used to look for cancer or abnormalities that may become cancerous before you have any signs & symptoms. Scientists have developed, tests that can be used to screen a person for specific types of cancer before appearing the signs & symptoms. The overall goals of cancer screening are:

Screening Test for Cervical Cancer

  • To reduce the number of people who die from cancer or eliminate deaths from cancer
  • To reduce the number of people who develop cancer

The following screening tests are used for cervical cancer such as:

  1. HPV test:
    HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. It is the most common Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) & it can affect both men & women. HPV infection are two types such as
    • Low-Risk HPV: It can cause warts on the arms, feet, hands, genital area, etc.
    • High-Risk HPV: It can cause most cervical cancers including vagina, penis, mouth, throat, etc.
  2. Pap test:
    The Pap test is the most common test for early changes in cells that can lead to cervical cancer. This test is also called a Pap smear. It involves gathering a sample of cells from the cervix. A Pap test may be combined with an HPV test.
  3. Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA):
    It is simple and less expensive with moderate sensitivity for a screening test that can be combined with a simple treatment procedure for early cervical lesions. It can be done with naked eye or low magnification.

Screening for cervical cancer can be done during an appointment with the gynae cancer specialist. At Ayaansh Hospital offers low cost screening & get a consultation by the Best Cervical Cancer Specialist or Oncologist in Bangalore.

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