5 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

A Cancer that begins in the female organs that produce eggs called ovaries. Ovarian cancer is when abnormal cells in the ovary begin to multiply out of control and form a tumor. If untreated, the tumor can spread to the other parts of the body. This is called metastatic ovarian cancer.

There are two types of ovaries in female reproductive glands that produce ova & eggs. They also produce female hormones estrogen & progesterone.

What are the early symptoms of ovarian cancer?

It is difficult to detect in the early stages of ovarian cancer, but there are symptoms a person can have that show the signs of ovarian cancer developing. These symptoms caused by ovarian tumors may be confused with less serious & noncancerous conditions.

5 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

It is easy to overlook the early symptoms of ovarian cancer because they are similar to other common illnesses. There are 5 common symptoms of ovarian cancer such as:

1) Abdominal Bloating:

Bloating is likely caused by Ascites. Ascites is when fluid builds up in your abdomen. It often forms when cancer cells spread to the peritoneum. Bloating is one of the first symptoms of ovarian cancer that you may notice.

It is normal to feel bloated, especially around your monthly cycle, consistent bloating that lasts every day for up to three weeks. It is continuously feeling bloated & it is one of the most common early signs of ovarian cancer.

2) Decreased Appetite or Difficulty Eating:

In addition to a loss of appetite, early symptom of ovarian cancer include feeling full quickly and having difficulty finishing even small meals. It may not indicate trouble, prolonged appetite loss can be the reason for eating difficulty. If this is a common symptom of ovarian cancer.

3) Abdominal Pain or Pelvic Pain:

Some of the women may not have the early symptom of ovarian cancer. If they do, it may be some pain in the lower abdomen or side and a bloated or full feeling in the tummy. Some of the symptoms of later stage ovarian cancer include discomfort in the abdomen, such as bloating or a feeling of pressure. This Pain is spreading in the surrounding areas might also be the result of cancer.

4) Frequent Urination:

Women with ovarian cancer may also notice that they suddenly have to use the restroom more often. Because your bladder and ovaries are close together, your urinary tract can be affected by the health of your ovaries. You may also notice that you have to go to the restroom urgently more often.

5) Changes in Menstruation:

Ovarian Cancer can affect a woman’s menstrual period. It may include bleeding is heavier than usual or otherwise irregular. If a person has ovarian cancer, missing a period can be an early sign of ovarian cancer. But there are many more common reasons for missing a period.

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