Best Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

Best Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

Infertility Treatment Can Be Physically Uncomfortable, Time-Consuming, Exhausting, And Costly - All Without A Guarantee Of Success. The Infertility Experience For Many Can Range From Multiple Diagnostic Procedures Through Progressively More Aggressive Treatment Options, All Of Which Impose Demands Upon The Emotional And Physical Self. It'S No Wonder That Many Women Experience Severe Stress, Depression, Or Anxiety During Treatment For Infertility.

In General, Infertility Is Defined As Not Being Able To Get Pregnant (Conceive) After One Year Of Unprotected Sex. Women Who Do Not Have Regular Menstrual Cycles, Or Are Older Than 35 Years And Have Not Conceived During A 6-Month Period Of Trying, Should Consider Making An Appointment With A Reproductive Endocrinologist - An Infertility Specialist.

In Ayaansh Hospital we have the Best IVF Specialist with plenty of experience and we provide Best Infertility Treatment with High IVF Success Rate in Bangalore.

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AYAANSH FERTILITY Is One Of The Most Successful Fertility Centres. We Are Proud Of Our Success Rates. Ayaansh Fertility Consistently Reported Superior Successful IVF Rate With Minimal Multiple Pregnancies.

The Following Statistics Describe The Success Rate Of Our AYAANSH FERTILITY.

· Internationally Trained Fertility Specialists

Our Core Fertility Specialists Are Renowned Gynecologists With Vast Experience In IVF. They Have Attended Many International Seminars And Conferences To Update Their Clinical Knowledge. They Have Received Advanced Training In Reproductive Endocrinology And Advanced Fertility Techniques At Our Centres Of Excellence In Germany. Know More

· Latest State-Of-The-Art Equipment's

Our Fertility Centres Are Equipped With The Latest State-Of-The-Art Equipment Imported From Leading Suppliers Around The World. Some Of The Advanced Techniques Such As Imsi, Zona Birefringence & Laser Assisted Hatching Are Unique Features In Our IVF Laboratories.

· In-House Team Of Trained Embryologists

We Have An In-House Team Of Trained And Experienced Embryologists. This Enables Us To Provide Advanced Embryological Services Like ICSI, IMSI, And LAH. We Are Proud To Have A Very Successful Cryopreservation Program Which Is The Strength Of Any ART Unit.

· International Quality Standards

Our Fertility Centres Follow The Best Practices In Our Embryology Laboratory. The Technologies And Personnel Continuously Monitor Laboratory Parameters To Ensure The Best Possible Outcomes. We Have Quality Systems In Place To Ensure That The Eggs And Sperm Are Handled In The Most Optimal Environment.

· Uniform And Fair Pricing

We Strive To Provide World-Class Fertility Treatment At Affordable Costs. All Our Clinics In India Have A Uniform And Affordable Price Structure. Our Cost-Effective Packages Have Brought Fertility Treatment Within The Reach Of Common Man.


High IVF Success Rate Centre in Bangalore

· Success Rates

  1. CPR With Fresh Cycle Ivf    42.72%
  2. CPR with Frozen Embryo Transfer   40.00%
  3. Percentage Of Multiple Births   3.42%
  4. CPR with Blastocyst Transfer   51.28%
  5. Live Birth Rate Per Embryo Transfer   24.80%


Ayaansh Hospital & IVF Centre provides the Best Infertility (IVF) Treatment in Bangalore at very Affordable Cost to help infertile Couples across the Bangalore, & we are also known as High IVF Success Rate Centre in Indiranagar Bangalore.

CPR Indicates Clinical Pregnancy Rate, Pregnancy Determined By Cardiac Activity Seen On Usg, Whereas Pregnancy Rate (Includes Biochemical Pregnancies) Means Positive Pregnancy After 15 Days Of Embryo Transfer.


AYAANSH HOSPITAL Is Your Partner In Your Journey Towards Parenthood And Beyond. Planning For Parenthood Sometimes Needs Gentle But Firm Assistance.

Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Centre Offers You Just That, Seamlessly Providing The Entire Gamut Of Services, Be It Simple Advice Like Counselling, Pre-Conception Investigations, Ovarian Stimulation Or Simple Procedures Like IUI (Intrauterine insemination) Or The Use Of Complex Techniques Such As IVF Treatment (In Vitro Fertilization) Or Advanced ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Laser Hatching Or PGD (Pre-Implantation Gestational Diagnosis).

The Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Centre’S Full-Time Expert Gynaecologists, Embryologists, Andrologists And Clinical Psychologists Specially Trained In Infertility Issues Will Be Available To Interact, Counsel And Help In Every Medical Or Emotional Issue Of Infertile Couples. We Pride Ourselves In Being Your Fertility Specialist Partners From Pre-Conception Through To Your Journey To Parenthood.

Our Inclusive Approach To Fertility Brings You To Care That Is Complete, Innovative, Leading Edge And Yet, Sensitive. State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure Combined With The Latest Medical Technology Ensures You Get The Right Treatment Focused On Providing Solutions. An Advanced In-House Lab Caters To All The Unique Fertility Tests And Investigations To Determine Female Infertility Or Male Infertility Causes That Help Us Plan Your Treatment Better And Aid In Successful Conception At The Most Affordable IVF Cost.

At Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Centre, No Concern Is Too Small. After All, You Come Before The Science. Our Specialists Understand That Every Step Counts And Work Hard To Be Your Partners To Parenthood.

Morpheus Ayaansh Fertility Centre, One Of The Best IVF Centre in Bangalore Is Run By Senior Consultant, Scientific Director And our Best Fertility Specialist, Dr. Haritha Rao, An Obstetrician, Gynecologist And Core Fertility Specialist in Bangalore, With Almost 15 Years Experience In The Field. You’Ll Find All The Care And Assistance From Her And Her Team Of Specialists.

Treatments and facilities

IUI Stands For Intrauterine Insemination, Is A Process That Involves Injecting The Sperm Directly Into The Uterus. Iui Increases The Number Of Sperm To Reach The Egg, In Turn, Maximize The Chance Of Pregnancy.

IUI Is Used To Treat

  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Women With Cervical Mucus Problem
  • Ejaculation Dysfunction
  • Women Who Want To Conceive With The Help Of A Sperm Donor.


Fertility Drugs Are Recommended To Stimulate Ovulation And Monitored Carefully So That IUI Procedure Can Be Carried Out Around The Time Of Ovulation.

Semen Is Separated From The Seminal Fluid And The Sperm Is Inserted Directly Into The Uterus With The Help Of The Catheter. By Placing The Sperm Directly Into The Uterus, It Increases The Possibility Of Conception.

IUI Is A Specialized Laboratory Treatment Offered By Morpheus, India, That Significantly Improves The Possibilities Of Conception At A Reasonable Cost. Morpheus IVF Is A Leading Indo German Chain Of Fertility Centers Across India.

The Success Of IUI Depends On Various Factors Like Sperm Count And Morphology, Ovulation And Timing Of IUI And Is Around 10%. Most Pregnancies That Happen Following IUI Treatment Generally Do So In The First 3 To 6 IUIs. Hence, A Further Trial With IUI When 6 Previous Treatments Have Failed Is Not Recommended. However, This Decision Is Left To The Discretion Of Your Treating Doctor. In IVF/ ICSI The Success Is More In Women Who Are Younger So Our Advice Would Be To Consider IVF/ ICSI After 3-4 Failed IUIs.

The Cost Of The Treatment Varies From Case To Case. However, In Comparison With The Success Rate, The Treatment Cost Is Nominal And The Cost Of Drugs Vary Depending On Your Clinical Parameters. The IUI Treatment Plan And Cost Will Be Explained In Detail To Guarantee Transparency.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Is A Simple OPD Treatment.

We Would Require Some Basic Tests To Be Done For Both You And Your Wife Before IUI Can Be Planned. It Is Also Advisable To Do A Test For Tubal Patency For The Wife. In The IUI Cycle, Some Drugs Are Given To The Wife Either Oral/ Injectable For Minimal Stimulation Of Her Ovaries. In IUI The Husband Provides Us With A Semen Sample Which Is Washed And Then In A Simple Office Procedure Introduced Into The Wife'S Uterus.

Our Flagship Programme "Double Your Chances" An India Initiative, Will Be Explained To Ensure You Make The Right Decision. Once You Accept The Treatment Plan And Cost, Requisite Blood Tests Will Be Taken. Once The Insemination Consent Form Is Accepted And Signed, The IUI Procedure Would Be Initiated.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Is Commonly Known As ‘The Test Tube Baby’.

IVF Is The Most Preferred Method Of Treating Women Who Struggle To Conceive Naturally. Here, The Eggs And Sperms Are Collected And Combined Manually In A Laboratory Dish For Fertilization. The Fertilized Eggs Develop Into Embryos And These Embryos Are Later Transferred Into The Uterus.

Typically, A Day Care Procedure.

In IVF The Egg And Sperms From The Couple Are Allowed To Fuse In A Glass Dish (In Vitro) And Hence The Word In Vitro Fertilization. The Sperms Are Layered Over The Eggs Retrieved From The Woman And The Process Of Fertilization Occurs Naturally Under Optimal Conditions Inside An Incubator. This Process In Simpler Terms Is Also Stated To Be The Test Tube Baby. This Test Tube Treatment Is The Most Cost-Effective In India.


IVF Is Offered To The Couple Where There Is No Qualitative Or Quantitative Defect In Sperms And Wife Having One Or More Of The Following Medical Conditions:


Indications For IVF Or Test Tube Baby

  1. Multiple Failed IUIs
  2. Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) In The Past
  4. Endometriosis (mild)
  5. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)


If You Have None Of The Above And IVF Treatment Makes Sense To You, You Can Be Assured And Count On Us To Deliver The Treatment To You In India At The Most Cost-Effective Price. However, If The Patient Needs Advanced Technical Assistance In The Treatment, The Cost Might Go Much Higher. However, We Can Vouch For The Test Tube Treatment In India Is Far Cost Effective Than Any Other Country Across The Globe.


The Steps Involved In IVF Treatment Are:

  1. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation With Hormones For Development Of Multiple Eggs
  2. Ovum Pickup (Egg Collection) Under Short Anesthesia
  3. Layering Of The Eggs By Washed Sperms In Petri Dish For Natural Fertilization
  4. Culture Till Embryo Stage In Incubator In The IVF Laboratory
  5. Transfer Of 2-3 Best Quality Embryos Inside The Uterus (Womb)
  6. Detection Of Pregnancy 14 Days After Embryo Transfer


Morpheus IVF Is Well Equipped To Easily Address A Wide Array Of Infertility Treatment In India At A Reasonable Cost. By Means Of IVF Treatment We Thrive To Help Couples In India Give Birth To A Test Tube Baby. A Baby Of Your Own Is Surely The Greatest Achievement Of Joy And We Are Here To Assist You In The Treatment All The Way, That Too At The Most Cost- Efficient Pricing.

ICSI Refers To Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, An IVF Technique That Involves Direct Injection Of Sperm Into Egg. ICSI Is Originally Developed To Treat Male Infertility And Is Highly Recommended Because The Success Rate Is Around 90%. The Early Stages Of ICSI Are Same As IVF Procedure Which Involves Ovarian Stimulation, Egg Retrieval, Sperm Collection And Then Injection Of Each Sperm Into Each Egg And Later The Embryos Are Transferred Into The Uterus. This Technique Maximises The Fertilization And Increase The Chances Of Pregnancy.

Typically, A Day Care Procedure.

What is ICSI Treatment?

Embryologists Perform A Highly Specialized Fertility Treatment Procedure Called ICSI Using The Micro-Manipulation Technique. This Treatment Is Done Under A Highly Magnified And Powerful Microscope. A Single Egg Of The Woman Is Injected With A Single Sperm Of The Man. The Fertilization Rates Of ICSI Are Better Than IVF As It Bypasses The Natural Fertilization Process. This Treatment Is Highly Advantageous In Qualitative And Quantitative Defect Of Sperm/Egg.

When Is ICSI Treatment Beneficial To Husband?

  1. Low Sperm Count
  2. No Sperm Count Will Require Surgical Intervention From Testes Or Male Ducts With PESA, TESA or TESE. ICSI Treatment Will Then Be Performed On The Sperms Retrieved
  3. Low Motility Of Sperms
  4. Abnormal Sperm Morphology

When Is ICSI Treatment Beneficial To Wife?

  1. Moderate To Severe Endometriosis
  2. Premature Menopause (Premature Ovarian Failure) Will Need To Use Donor Eggs
  3. Poor Ovarian Reserve
  4. Unexplained Infertility

ICSI Procedure

  1. Female egg/S Are S Picked Up By A Small 15-Minute Anesthesia Procedure
  2. Good Quality Egg Is Injected Into A Sperm By A Micro Manipulator
  3. If Fertilization Takes Place Then Embryos Are Cultured In The Lab Good Quality Embryos Are Then Transferred Into The Uterus By A Simple Procedure
  4. Pregnancy Tests Are Conducted Two Weeks After The Embryo Transfer To Detect Pregnancy

At Morpheus, Every Prospective Couple Is Given A Thorough And Transparent Explanation Of Their Individual Case, Treatment Plan And Cost Of ICSI. The Cost Of The Procedure Itself Is Very Reasonable, Although Cost Associated With Subsequent Requirement Of Medication Depends On Prevailing Markets Rates.

Blastocyst Culture Is A Technique Developed To Increase The Pregnancy Rate With IVF. In This Procedure, The Embryos Are Cultured For 5 To 6 Days In The Laboratory To Develop To The Blastocyst Stage. This Extended Culture Helps The Embryologist To Select A Most Competent Embryo At The Time Of Transfer. Since The Embryos Are Transferred At The Blastocyst Stage The Chance Of Pregnancy Is Very High. However, Patients With One Or Two Good Quality Embryos On Day 3 Are Advised To Go Ahead With Day 3.


Embryo Transfer Because Not All The Embryos Develop Into A Good-Quality Blastocyst. Embryo Assessment Is Crucial For The IVF Procedure.


In Couples Who Have Undergone Repeated Failures Of Implantation, An Alternative Technique Would Be To Culture The Embryos Up To The 5Th Day When They Become Blastocysts. In A Natural Cycle, This Is The Stage When The Embryo Actually Implants In The Uterus. Blastocyst Culture Mimics The Natural Cycle, Thereby Increasing The Chances Of Pregnancy.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Involves Freezing Of Remaining Embryos From The Fresh IVF Cycle (After The Embryo Transfer). The Embryo Can Be Stored Up To 10 Years And If The First Cycle Is Failed, These Frozen Embryos Can Be Thawed And Used In The Subsequent Cycle Or For The Siblings In The Future.


In A Few Cases, The Embryo Transfer Is Canceled Due To Medical Conditions Such As Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). So, All Those Embryos Can Be Frozen And Used In The Next Cycle.


FET Reduces The Strain On Woman’S Body And Also Reduces The Negative Side Effects Of Ovarian Stimulation, Required For The Repeated Egg Retrieval In Fresh IVF Cycles.


FET Success Rate Depends On Quality Of The Frozen Embryos How Well They Survive The Thawing. Studies Suggest That Success Rate Of FET Has Dramatically Increased.

PESA And TESA aRe Two Methods Used For Sperm Retrieval. Azoospermia Is A Condition Where There Is Zero Sperm In The Semen. Obstructive Azoospermia (Zero Sperm Count) Is Caused By The Blockage In The Reproductive Tract. Men With Obstructive Azoospermia May Be Able To Father A Child By Using Sperm Retrieval (Aspiration) Techniques Such As PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction), Etc.


​This Painless Procedure Involves Aspiration Of Sperm Directly From The Epididymis Or Testis Followed By IVF Or ICSI For Fertilization. Sperm Retrieval Is The Best Treatment Choice For Obstructive Azoospermia.

While The Female Biologic Clock Is Generally Accepted As A Fact That Cannot Be Changed, Egg Freezing Is A Relatively New IVF Approach That Helps To Give Women An Option To Freeze Their Eggs While They Have Good Ovarian Reserve And Eggs Are Of Good Quality And Possibly Use Them Later In Advanced Age.


Egg Freezing Can Be Done For Medical Reason Or Social Reasons. The Medical Indications Includes Medical Treatment For Other Diseases, Some Genetic Conditions, IVF Treatment Interrupted By The Unexpected Inability To Obtain Sperm, Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients, Women At Risk Of Premature Menopause, Building Donor Oocyte Banks, Legal And Ethical Limitations To Plan Pregnancy.


While Egg Freezing Is An Option For Women Who Want To Preserve Their Fertility Due To Medical Reasons, It Is Also Frequently Chosen By Women For Whom Pregnancy Or Parenting Is Difficult Or Undesirable At The Present Time.


According To The American Society Of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) And The European Society Of Human Reproduction And Embryology (ESHRE) Oocyte Freezing Is A Standard And Safe Procedure. ASRM Issued A New Report On 22 October 2012 Stating That In Young Patients Egg Freezing Techniques Have Been Shown To Produce Pregnancy Rates, Leading To The Birth Of Hospitality Babies, Comparable To IVF cYcles Using Fresh Eggs. However, Marketing This Technology For The Purpose Of Deferring Childbearing May Give Women False Hope And Encourage Women To Delay Childbearing.


Oocyte Freezing Has A Learning Curve For Embryologists. Today, Our Embryologists Can Cryopreserve It Easily, And With A 99% Survival Rate Using The Cryotec Vitrification Technique.


Morpheus Offers This Programme With A Very Economical Package. We Have Achieved Excellent Survival Rates, Embryo Development And Pregnancy Rates Comparable With The Fresh Donor Oocytes.


Whatever Your Reasons For Wanting To Delay Childbearing, Egg Freezing Can Help You Preserve Your Fertility For A Future Time. If You Are Considering Delaying Pregnancy, It'S Important To Contact A Fertility Clinic As Soon As Possible To Discuss Your Options.


Semen Freezing Is A Form Of Fertility Preservation.  It Allows You To Store Your Sperm Indefinitely So That You Can Hopefully Have Biological Children In The Future. Sperm Count And Quality Decrease With Age, So Men Can Freeze Their Sperm While They Are Young. Sperm Freezing Also Helps People Who Start Treatment Such As Chemotherapy Or Surgery That Jeopardize The Quality Of Sperm.

Cryopreservation Is Freezing Of Embryos In Liquid Nitrogen At The Temperature Of -196OC. Cryopreservation Is Used For Preservation Of Surplus Good Quality Embryos Which Can Be Used For Subsequent Cycles. The Process Is Carried Out By Highly Skilled And Trained Embryologists, Following International Standards To Ensure Minimal Damage To Embryos.

Egg donation


Egg Donation Or Oocyte Donation Helps Women Who Cannot Produce Their Own Eggs, Mostly Associated With Older Age. In This Procedure, The (Anonymous) Donor Egg Is Used For Fertilization. It Is Much The Same As IVF Except The Egg Is Sourced From A Donor, And The Resultant Embryo Is Later Transferred Into The Infertile Woman.

Egg Donor Program

There are few women who are unable to produce their own eggs; these women can avail of our egg donation program. In this, a suitable donor is selected, screened for a number of medical/genetic tests. The entire process is legal, anonymous and confidential. The egg donor is given medication to grow multiple eggs which are collected and fertilized with the husband's sperm in the laboratory. The embryo produced thereof are then transferred into her (recipients) uterus.

The lady can then have the pleasure of carrying a pregnancy and experience the joy of motherhood. The pregnancy rate in this program is as high as 50- 60%


Some of the indications for donor egg program are

  1. Menopausal women
  2. Premature Ovarian Failure
  3. A poor ovarian response in previous IVF cycles
  4. Diseased/ surgically removed ovaries

Embryo Donation Program

Embryo Donation program is advised to a couple where the wife has a problem with the ovaries and her husband's semen has no sperm/ poor quality sperm. In such a case, eggs are taken from an anonymous donor and fertilized with the sperm of an anonymous sperm donor. The embryos thus formed are transferred inside the uterus (womb) of the patient. The confidentiality and anonymity of donors, as well as the recipient couple, is strictly maintained.

Sperm Donor program

This program is advised to a couple where the husband's semen has no sperm. For the couples opting for donor sperms, we procure semen sample from certified sperm banks. Donor IUI or IVF/ICSI is offered as per indication. The confidentiality and anonymity of the sperm donor, as well as recipient couple, is strictly maintained.

Surrogacy Program Is Advised In Cases Where The Woman Is Unable To Carry The Pregnancy. The Eggs Are Retrieved From The Biological Mother And Fertilized With The Sperm Of Biological Father. The Embryos Thus Formed Are Transferred Inside The Uterus Of The Surrogate Who Carries The Pregnancy For The Commissioning Couple Till The Birth Of The Child. A Legal Contract Is Signed Between The Surrogate Mother And Biological Parents To Facilitate This Program.


This Program Is Advised To A Couple Where

  1. Wife Has Absent Or Malformed Uterus Congenitally
  2. Uterus Have Been Removed Surgically
  3. Wife Is Unable To Carry The Pregnancy Due To Predisposing Medical Conditions Like Heart Disease / Severe Kidney Disease
  4. Repeated Implantation Failures Or Miscarriages Despite Good Quality Embryos



Surrogacy Involves A Carrier (Third Party),  To Carry An Embryo That Was Formed From The Egg Of A Woman Who Cannot Deliver A Baby Safely. The Carrier (Surrogate Mother) Make An Agreement To Return The Infant To The Intended Parents.


Types Of Surrogacy


  • The Intended Parents Provide The Embryo By IVF/ICSI Which Is Transferred Into The Uterus Of The Surrogate Mother Known As Host Surrogacy.
  • In This Procedure, The Egg Of The Surrogate Mother Is Fertilized By The Sperm Of The Male Patient Partner By IUI. Thus, The Carrier Act As Both The Egg Donor And The Surrogate. In This Procedure, The Female Partner Has No Genetic Link To The Baby.


​As Per The Contract The Intended Parents Have To Provide The Medical, Nutrition And Overall Hospital Care For The Surrogate.

The Genetic Integrity Of The Sperm Is Essential For The Success Of Fertilization And Normal Embryo Development. Sperm DNA Fragmentation Refers To The Abnormality Of The Sperm Genome, Which May Lead To Male Infertility.


​Studies Show That High Sperm Fragmentation Does Not Affect Fertilization Or Embryo Cleavage Stages But Affect The Subsequent Blastocyst Development. It Also Significantly Compromises The Possibility Of Successful Pregnancy In Assisted Conception Treatment. Higher The Dna Fragmentation, Higher The Chance Of Miscarriages. High Sperm DNA Fragmentation Is Also Found In Men With Poor And Normal Semen Parameters.


​DNA Fragmentation Cannot Be Detected In The Semen Analysis, But There Are Many Sperm DNA Fragmentation Tests Available To Assess The Sperm At The Molecular Level.


​Change In The Lifestyle And Treatment May Help To Reduce The Levels Of DNA Fragmentation.

LAH Is An Advanced Technique Used When The Zona Pellucida Or The Covering Of The Eggs Are Thicker Than Usual. The Excessive Thickening Is Believed By Many Scientists To Result In Lower Chances Of Implantation Which Lowers The Chances Of Pregnancy. With The Help Of A Laser, The Zona Is Thinned Out At One Place, To Ease Hatching Of The Embryo, Hence Improving Implantation And Pregnancy Rates.

IMSI Is A Highly Advanced Technique Where Sperms Are Magnified To Approximately 7200 Times To Allow Selection Of Better Quality Sperms For ICSI. This Technique Offered By Morpheus Is A Major Advantage For The Couple With Bad Morphology (Abnormal Structure) Of Sperms. It Helps To Select The Sperms With Best Shape And Size For Injecting Into The Egg.

Small Incision Big Advantages

At Ayaansh Hospital, We Are Always Driven By Some Very Important Questions:

  • How Can We Improve Your Experience As A Patient After A Surgery?
  • How Can Your Recovery Be Faster?
  • Can There Be Less Scarring And Pain After Your Surgery?

What Is Laparoscopy Surgery?

Minimal Invasive Surgeries, Which Include Laparoscopic Surgery, Use State-Of-The-Art Technology To Reduce The Damage To Human Tissue When Performing Surgery. There Are Some Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures That Can Be Performed Almost Exclusively Through A Single Point Of Entry - Meaning Only One Small Incision.
Benefits Of Laparoscopy Surgery


  • Quicker Recovery
  • Less Pain
  • Shorter Hospital Stays
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Less Scarring
  • Less Expensive
  • Ayaansh Hospital Has A Team Of Highly Skilled Surgeons With Years Of Experience In The Field Of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Who Know What'S Best For You.
  • Ayaansh Hospital Has 3 Completely Modular Operation Theatres Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure Including Advanced Clean Room Technologies That Suits The Performances Of Procedure That Demand The Most Sterile Environment And This Has A Significant Impact Clinical Outcomes Of Our Surgical Patients.
  • This Is Complemented By Some Of The Most Advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Sets And Instrumentation In The Hands Of Our Doctors.


Natural IVF Is Similar To Conventional IVF But Avoids The Use Of Fertility Medications (Ovarian Stimulating Drugs). Natural IVF Is A Gentle Alternative For Standard IVF. It Reduces The Hospital Risks Associated With IVF Including Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), Reduces Multiple Pregnancies, Reduces The Production Of Excess Embryos, And The Cost Is Significantly Lower Than The Traditional Stimulated IVF.


Natural Ivf Is Usually Recommended For The Patients With Regular Menstrual Cycle Who Have A Normal Ovarian Reserve. It Is The Best Treatment Option For Tubal-Factor And Male-Factor Infertility.


Mini IVF Is A Minimal Stimulated In Vitro Fertilization. Mini IVF Uses Low Dosage Of Medications To Stimulate The Ovaries To Produce Multiple Eggs. Medication Levels Vary According To The Needs Of Each Woman.

Our Mini IVF Protocol Is Proven To Be Safe And Gentle. It Reduces The Hospital Risk Associated With Stimulated IVF such as OHSS, Stress, Etc And The Cost Is Lower Than The Conventional IVF.

ED Screening

Ayaansh Hospital Introduces The ED Screening For Men To Diagnose The Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction, Men Inability To Participate Sexually With His Life Partner Due To Some Reasons Like Stress, Diabetics, Smoking, Drinking, Loose Self-Confident, It Leads To This Cause.


  • Consultation
  • Questionnaire
  • Sphlymocor-Pulse Wave Velocity Screening.

Female Fertility Assessment 

Female Infertility Is A Contributing Factor For Almost Half Of All Infertility Cases. Get Yourself Assessed With The Female Fertility Assessment.



  • Body Mass Index
  • Waist - Hip Ratio
  • Menstrual Cycle Evaluation By Questionnaire
  • Hormone Testing - AMH For Ovarian Reserve Assessment
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Prolactin
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Serum Creatinine
  • 3D Ultrasound - For Ovarian Antral Follicle And Uterine Anatomical  Assessment
  • Consultation With Reproductive Medicine Specialist.

Male fertility Assessment

In Approximately 40 Percent Of Infertile Couples, The Male Partner Is The Sole Cause And In 20 Percent A Contributing Cause, Of Infertility. Get Yourself Assessed With The Male Fertility Assessment. Abstinence Of 3 Days Is Required To Take The Test That Means You Will Need To Refrain From Any Sexual Activity For At Least Two-Three Days.



  • Advanced Semen Analysis
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Flowcytometric DNA Fragmentation Index
  • Sexual Function Evaluation Using Questionnaire
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Scrotal Doppler Ultrasound
  • Consultation with Andrologist

Men’s Sexual Health Assessment

A Man Who Has Erectile Dysfunction, He Needs To Check The Health Frequently For Assessing The Future Risk. Because The Majority People Can Face The Cardiovascular Disease. So Need To Diagnose.



  • Testosterone Total & Free
  • Estradiol
  • Lipid Profile
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Assess Waist-hip ratio
  • BMI – Metabolic syndrome assessment
  • Framingham Lipid-Based Risk Core Assessment
  • Carotid-Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity Assessment

It Is Stated That Conducting Pre-Marital Screening Tests Is To Identify If There Are Any Drawbacks In The Genetic Blood. Marriage Is Considered One Of The Major Events In One’S Life. The Death Of One Of The Family Members With Hereditary And Infectious Diseases May Lead. A Healthy Marriage Is The One That Aims At Making A Sound Family And Begetting Healthy And Happy Kids. This Screening Would Include Complete Haemogram Test, Blood Group And RH Typing, RBS, HbA1C, HIV.

Semen Analysis, Urine Routine Etc. For A Male And Female. The Test Would Also Include A Counseling And Consultation Appointment With A Gynecologist To Clarify Doubts And Have An Open Mind Discussion Regarding The Marital Life, Before Marriage.

For A Couple, Who Are Considering Marriage, The Premarital Screening Test In Utmost Recommended And Is A Must Nowadays. It Is Very Important To Be Screened For A Good Aid To Understand Each Other’S Genetics And Support Each Other.


The Importance Of Premarital Screening Test Is As Follows:

  • Detects Infectious Diseases Like Hepatitis B, HIV aNd Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases To Take Proper Precautions During Conceiving And Pregnancy.
  • Identifies The Carrier Of Genetic Disorders, In Order To Evaluate The Risk Of The Child Being Transmitted With The Same Diseases And Prevent That Transmission.
  • To identify the genetic disorder and fix them.


Marriage Is A Lifelong Commitment With Both Partners Looking After Each Another. Knowledge Regarding Each Other’S Weak Points Would Help In Composing Each Other And To Fill The Voids. Thus, The Premarital Tests Are Utmost Recommended.

Along With Medical Treatment And Regular Practice Of Yoga, People Suffering From Any Discomfort Require Counseling. The Aim Of A Counseling Service Is To Look After The Mental Well-Being In A Social Context. Regularity In Life Ensures Successful And People Become Stronger. At Times Of Crisis Such As Infertility In Men And Women Can Lead To Various Problems. Anxiety, Anger, And Frustration Start To Settle In And Disrupt The Normal Course Of Life. Men And Women Often On The Discovery Of An Infertile Environment Leads To Mental Stress And Confusion. Being A Physical Condition It Is No Fault Of Their Own. However, The Idea Of Missing Out On Parenthood Can Cause Turbulence In One’S Life.


Parenthood Is One The Most Cherished Desires In A Human’S Life. Often Not Being Able To Do It The Natural Way Can Lead To Major Break-Down. It Can Weaken The Relationship With Relatives And Dear Ones. Conflicts Can Arise And Almost Reach To A Point Where It Becomes Difficult To Sustain Relationships. What One Needs To Do Is To Find The Strength To Believe That It Will All Turn Out Well. A Guidance Towards Better Things In Life. Counseling Services Aim In Providing All Options Until All The Stones Are Turned. Solution To Infertility Lies In Various Fields Of Medicine That May Or May Not Work For A Couple. A Counselor Helps You Analyze Your Situation And Pick The Best Option. Through Counseling One Can Get A Good Perspective Of Lives. Suicidal Tendencies Can Be Avoided And A Good Support System Will Avoid Any Mishaps. Dealing With A Miscarriage Can Also Be Stressful For A Woman As Well As Man. Counseling Can Help You Get Over The Sadness So That You Will Not Lose Control Over Your Life.


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